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Our History

TUYAUX FLEXIBLES RUDOLPH has been manufacturing, designing and selling flexible metallic tubes, plastic tubes, corrugated and strip-wound metal tubes, bellows and compensators since 1892 in France.

In 1995, TUYAUX FLEXIBLES RUDOLPH became a subsidiary of the FLEXIDER Group, a well-known Italian manufacturer in the field of compensators and components for automobile exhaust systems.

Since December 2016, TFR has been a subsidiary of a major Chinese Group specialising in the automotive industry.

As one of the leaders in the French market, we are involved in most industrial activities including automotive, petrochemical, steel, nuclear, off-shore, aeronautics, telecommunications and transport. Our know-how, recognised by our many and loyal clients, allows us to respond to all requests and provide solutions (products and services) for both standard and special applications taking into account the many directives and standards our clients are faced with.

Our sales, purchasing, design, quality and production teams work closely to meet the needs of our clients.

TUYAUX FLEXIBLES RUDOLPH helps you with your industrial projects – before, during and after accomplishment – to ensure top-quality follow-up for its clients.

TUYAUX FLEXIBLES RUDOLPH exports to more than 30 countries. Thanks to our responsive and efficient logistics service, we ship our products all over the world.

Our teams are at your disposal to provide you with all the necessary support and find the right answer to your needs.

More than 500 clients
More than 1000 projects every year
More than 30 machines
90% is the loyalty rate for 25 years


The engineering design offices works closely with long-term and potential clients to find optimal solutions for all “tube” problems. Our products are approved by NF EN 10380, NF EN 14917, CODAP and EJMA. We also have ANSYS digital simulation software to study more complex cases, provide answers to your questions or propose better designs.


Partnerships have been developed with dozens of world-renowned companies in the automotive, aerospace, petrochemical, nuclear sectors, and in many other industries.


In addition to being one of the leaders in the French market, Tuyaux Flexibles Rudolph meets the requirements of regulations, codes and standards, particularly in the fields of aviation, space and defence. In 2016, TFR obtained the new AS 9100D, JIS Q 9100:2016 and EN 9100:2016 standards. In 2018, the company obtained the new ISO 9001:2018 standard. All our products comply with the REACH directive.


Are you looking for a reference, would you like a quote, can we help you identify your needs? Our team is here to answer all your requests.