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That isn’t known as to why the brand new Akkadians called the southern area homes Shumeru

That isn’t known as to why the brand new Akkadians called the southern area homes Shumeru

The newest Sumerians titled it ki-en-gir15 (virtually, ‘place of the gentle lords’). It could possibly become an excellent dialectal pronunciation of the Sumerian phrase kiengir. That it opportunity is suggested of the Emesal dialect setting ‘dimmer’ getting the expression ‘dingir’.

We wrote in order to Dr. Postgate, >>Do you write in your own publication Early Mesopotamia: Neighborhood and you can Benefit within >> Beginning of history one ki-en-gi form ‘land of Sumerian tongue’? If so, >>is that because you genuinely believe that eme, ‘tongue; language’ became dentro de, ‘dignitary; >>lord; predecessor (statue); high priest’, because of singing consumption?

He replied which have an affirmative, >Admittedly Sumerologists haven’t gone much to own consonantal intake, >but supposed out-of emegir in order to engir doesn’t hunt too much fetched, plus it explains >why it’s -r due to the fact a final consonant. Aage Westenholz and advised a similar >etymology separately. Moreover it is ok because of the combinations instance ki-unug > »Warka land » which are in addition to perhaps not genitival syntagms. It nonetheless seems to myself a keen >cheaper services.

It appears to be it is possible to. It turns out that there are hardly any instances of ki-en-gi-ra2 which can be translated since the a free-condition genitival syntagm – We simply look for a couple of in the Victory away from Utu-Hengal, ETCSL transliteration : c.dos.step one.6.

I experienced just never heard they otherwise regarded as they until recently

For individuals who consider my authored lexicon’s ideal reinterpretation out-of saj-ji6[gig2]-ga as the having in the first place meant ‘native persons’, in place of the literal meaning of ‘the black-headed’, so as to I am open to consonantal assimilation gradually altering terminology which were following reinterpreted throughout the common insights and creating.

To which, Dr. Postgate responded, >Well actually I believe even both those individuals era will be taken while the locatives: >because recommended from the bi2- prefix lined up 2, and also by new ETCSL translation >(« inside the Sumer ») in-line 21. > >Would by all means cite me personally, I am nonetheless proud of it.

>I became watching Buffy the newest Vampire Slayer on television and additionally they told you anything >inside Sumerian. I wanted to know what they told you so i hopped on to the web so you can >see just what I can look for.

Brand new etymology of your own Akkadian name are unknown

>I discovered anybody else who was simply trying to find out just what it meant and that i discover >the dictionary web site. I seemed via your https://datingranking.net/de/vietnamesische-datierung/ site, but wasn’t also profitable since the >I have zero experience with the words after all. I became assured you happen to be able >to help you convert they personally.

>Si-mu-ud = Mars ‘dark otherwise bloody horns/rays’ is the possible translation, however, in the place of the others, Really don’t recall indeed enjoying so it identity used. Would you tell me where that it identity happens?

>Mul-sag-me-gar = Jupiter sag-myself = mesu II = ‘cult, rites’ and you will gar = ‘to establish’, but it’s usually composed Sag-ME-GAR to exhibit that we do not know the new pronunciation, since it has also been a logogram to possess Neberu, hence calls to mind Nippur, the fresh new Sumerian’s cult cardiovascular system.

>Of them ‘gu-ud’ means of course ‘gu4-ud’ (=bull of sun) and you will ‘sag-us’ was >obviously ‘sag-us2’ (=steady star), ‘mul’ are ‘star’ however, I don’t know concerning the others. >Could you end up being therefore kind concerning point out the correct helping to make of your own five terms and conditions?

udu-idim is ‘wild sheep’. We have zero textual polish or actual proof that cues had been check out this way, unlike udu-crappy, and therefore, definition ‘dead sheep’, would consider the fresh new worlds since omens, however, Benno Landsberger together with his extensive expertise in Sumerian deduced that this is the very likely understanding.

Regarding most other meanings from gu4-ud I’d infer the Sumerians on their own know globally Mercury, and i possess viewed nin-si4-an-na in the a good Sumerian textual perspective, however the almost every other names only occur in after contexts, therefore i don’t know how early these people were developed and you may used.

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